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We are very pleased to be working with

Pigment Nerd Ltd.


Hi, I’m Emma and I am an artist and analyst of personal colour in the beautiful county of Suffolk in the UK.


I use hand-blended paints in order to create colours which harmonize with the person’s hair, skin and eyes. My technique is based on the training I received with Rochele HC Hirsch, Master of Seasonal Color Analysis back in 2019, and is involved with finding a range of colours which allow the individual to show up in their most authentic (and consequently most becoming) presentation.


My services begin with the Mini palette which allows you to ‘dip your toe’ into your ‘Season’, with three colours ranging in value from dark to light, based – as always, on the pigments in your hair, skin and eyes. You will also be given your Seasonal designation (Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter), in the tradition of Seasonal Colour Analysis.


The Standard palette allows you nine colours, also in value from dark to light. And includes a personalized write-up on where your colours sit within the Season (also known as the sub-Seasonal designation).


Finally, a Full palette allows you the nine colours from the Standard palette, plus suggestions on your most becoming Metals & Pattern choices, of which the latter is created (often from scratch) to elicit congruence in your presentation and bring you ‘forward’. And of course the personalized write-up on your sub-Season is included in the Full option. With the Full palette, there is also the option to purchase the download/s for Patterns created specifically for you.


I work from photos, provided they allow enough detail and are unfiltered in any way, whether from the camera or on the person by way of make up/tanning products etc.


Because so many find this step difficult, I have partnered up with Andrew to provide the best photographic representation of my clients. I know that any photos I receive from him will show the person’s pigmentation accurately. And after a year working together, he’s not sent one photo I can’t work with. I encourage anyone looking to book a colour palette with me, to consider Andrew’s work, if they are able to book in with him at one of his venues in the UK. For those outside of the UK, Andrew is making a short video on how to produce a photo which can be used for colour analysis. 

For more information or to go ahead and book please visit

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