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Hi, I'm Andrew and I am a wedding photographer based in the mining town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire. I also specialise in event photography and family portraits.

I'm originally from Blackpool but moved to Barnsley at the age of 16. I've worked in retail for the majority of my life but the recent lockdowns made me reassess my future.

I started to take photographs just for fun using a mobile phone about 7 years ago after meeting my wife who got me interested in photography. It wasn't long before I was hooked! Every outing with my wife turned into a competition (much to her annoyance!), but I just wanted to get better and better. I loved getting outdoors, searching for the perfect shot. This then led to me wanting a real camera, and so my photography journey began.

I invested in a bridge camera and we started to explore some of the UK's diverse destinations and I took the opportunity to photograph as many of the wonderful people and animals I met along the way. 


Next, I purchased a couple of DSLR cameras and began to take my hobby more seriously. Now as my full-time job, I am loving my new life and all of the new experiences and challenges it brings.



Hi, I'm Krisztina . I'm a freelance photographer based in Yorkshire.

  I studied art in college and that was the time when I got into photography. First I used my dad's old analog film camera to capture every memory .

 Not long after, I got my first DSLR camera and that was the moment when I got really passionate about photography and I started working on different events.

Now I specialise in event photography but I also do portraits, weddings ,nature photography and I work with a couple of bands . 

Photography is giving me the chance to capture people's special moments and I'm glad I can share this joy with you all.

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